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Walter International has been at the service of investors since its inception in 2009. We have been offering our diverse range of clients a wide array of global trade options, and portfolio management services. We combine the extensive knowledge our portfolio managers have amassed throughout years of experience with top of the line technology to implement our strategies. We are a pioneer in providing each of our clients the exceptional results that they deserve.

Today Walter International is one of Asia’s leading stockbroking firms, with our core focus strictly on our clients. Being a full service brokerage in one of the largest financial hubs in the world, we have had the privilege of working with some of the best names in research and analytics. These alliances have enabled us to build an array of unique and extremely lucrative portfolios for each one of our clients.

Working with not just individuals, but companies and institutional investors, we aim to create portfolios that are consistently profitable and that fit in with your current financial goals and ambitions. Walter International believes that clients should be at the fore thought of everything we do, which is why we know, that working with us you will be more than happy with the service we provide.

Walter International works closely with individuals and companies to give each of them an efficient and effective strategy that works hand in hand with their financial goals. We believe that each client who we work with should have access to the best possible information that will lead to the success of their portfolios. Combining our ability to offer this to our clients with the exceptional access we have to the markets, gives us a real edge over the competition. Today we have become one of the highest rated brokerages in Asia due to our concise information and truly focused approach to our clients.

Walter International works with complete transparency, our full Analytics and trading services are disclosed to our clients at their request, so through our partnership you will be in full knowledge of where and how your money is working for you. Walter International differs from other brokers because of the methods we use. Our technology and research facilities have been the powerhouse of our company since our beginnings, this combined with our very well educated team of market experts, work hand in hand to bring our clients the information they need, when they need it. We aim to be the most committed and focused brokerage in Asia, which is why we always value client satisfaction as number one priority.