Why Us

Why should you become a client of Walter International?

1. Full service means full service

As a full service broker, we give you a full service. Walter International offers each and every one of our clients a very broad and diverse choice of investment opportunities, this combined with our tailor made portfolio, we can create a unique portfolio that suits your needs and goals. Depending on your risk tolerance we can offer you a variety of options, be it mutual funds, government bonds, annuities, commodities, investment trusts, alternative investments and stocks and shares. Our team of experts work closely with you to create a portfolio that fits you, with as much or as little management as you like. If you are a first time investor, or an experienced investor who is looking at creating a portfolio for a specific reason, be it an education fund for your children, a retirement plan for yourself, or a secondary income, we will work with you to establish a plan that will provide you with everything you need. With decades of experience in the financial markets, we are dedicated to giving our clients the options they require to make the most of their investments. With you at the wheel, deciding on the direction you want to take your portfolio, our team will find what you are looking for. Every investor is different, and every portfolio is different, our personalized portfolios will give you a true ability to reach the goals that you desire.

2. Ongoing advice and service

Walter International’s team of experts are with you every step of the way, from start to finish, our team will begin with setting up a portfolio based on the information you share with your broker. Based on this information and your goals, we will stand by you until we reach those goals and beyond. The most important part of our partnership with you, is your satisfaction, we know that by assisting you with your goals it will give you the sense of financial satisfaction you have been looking for. As we move along in our partnership with you, we understand that your needs and financial goals will change, which is why your portfolio will be under constant analysis and improvement, this will enable us to bring you more opportunities that suit your needs. Throughout our partnership with you, we will work with you to adjust and improve your portfolio as your needs change. We know that reaching your goals and achieving your ambitions is the end goal, and we will assist you in making those goals a reality in a time frame that you will be more than happy with. Depending on your risk tolerance and your investment knowledge, we can offer you many different options to reach your goals faster. We are here to advise and assist you in your investments, and we work closely with you to make a portfolio you are comfortable with.

3. Access to multiple brokers

Walter International does not tie you to one of their many experts, working with us you will have access to our whole network of brokers, and researchers when you need them. Your portfolio is assessed by not only your portfolio manager, but also our in house team of analysts, when it comes to your portfolio our main goal is to maximize your returns in a safe and efficient manner. Working this way, we are able to bring you more information and opportunities that will fit into your portfolio. With each of our brokers working together, your portfolios get more attention and this will enable us to reach your goals in the most efficient manner possible. We have a decade of conducting our business this way, and our clients know that this is why we have provided index beating results year after year. Working as a close knit team, we are focused solely on delivering our clients the best possible portfolio that will work for them as efficiently as possible.

4. Just for you

Our portfolios are designed with you in mind, we know that each investor is different and each portfolio should be as well. Walter International pride ourselves on our ability to create and maintain a portfolio that is created just for you. Our portfolio managers give you well researched information that is relevant to you and your needs. Each opportunity we offer our clients has been vetted by our most senior analysts so that you only get the most accurate information. With over two centuries of experience between our team, our portfolio managers experience has led them to know that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to investing. Our team will work closely with you to determine the correct investment path for you, this is based on your tolerance to risk, and investment opportunity preference. We make sure that we get to know each of our clients on a personal level, this in turn enables us to create you a unique investment plan that you are comfortable with, and that will make you the returns you deserve. Walter International believes that client satisfaction should be a priority,and working with us you will realize that each of our team shares this view.


When dealing with your finances we know it can be a long winded and difficult task, especially when you have many other priorities. Walter International works with you to establish a plan that is convenient to you and your day to day lifestyle. We know that juggling your work life, family life, personal finance and everything in between can be a nightmare, which is why each of our team will make sure that you are as involved as you would like to be when dealing with your portfolio. With our team being available twenty four hours a day six days a week, we hope there will always be a convenient time for us to talk with you.