Walter International provides in depth analysis of companies, industries, world economies and financial markets. We are known throughout Asia as one of the leaders in financial research and investment analysis, this is due to our in dedication to bringing each of our clients the best information when they need it. Our team of economists, analysts and strategists have earned their reputation through the execution of their in depth market analysis, and company analysis.

Our researchers work hand in hand with our brokerage teams, so that their clients get precise information regarding their investments, enabling our clients to make the informed decisions necessary. With the level of research our team provides, this also opens up more channels and opportunities for our clients. Our team focus is to generate in depth reports on companies, the global economy and the financial markets, this gives us the ability to have a wide array of investments available to you.

When identifying and researching what we see as undervalued companies, we take a very broad approach, and make sure we leave no stone unturned. After our researchers have completed their in depth reports, they then pass them to our analysts who verify that the information that we have is usable and can benefit our clients. The analysts and researchers work together to produce vigorous background checks on the company, the board of directors, management teams, and product analysis. We believe that doing things this way enables us to see past the basic fundamentals of the company and get a true feel for what will happen to the company next.

Here at Walter International we take pride in everything we do, and what is important to us is the integrity and accuracy of the information we give to our clients. When we do research a company, we are governed by a very strict set of government and financial regulator guidelines, which we follow by the letter. This enables us to offer our clients the information while avoiding any possible conflicts of interest pr mishaps to their portfolios.