portfolio management

Walter International offers full portfolio management services, which enables each of our clients to keep their focus on other aspects of their business and family life. Working with Walter International you will realize that our services are focused on you and your success. We make sure that before we give you any investment options, we get to know you as a person, so that we can establish a solid foundation to our future business, and to make sure that the service we offer to you, is relevant to your current financial needs and goals.

Our Trading Services:
• Global Equities 24/6.
• Fixed Income.
• Derivatives.
• ETF’s.
• Commodities Trading.
• Alternative Investment Trading.
• Futures.
• Options.
• Crypto trading.

Your investments in our hands:
• Fully researched and documented analysis to suit your investment style.
• Information at your fingertips regarding your investments.
• Full access to our safe trading program, which gives you peace of mind when utilizing our anonymous trading capabilities.

Optimal funding allocation:
• Increase your portfolios performance while minimizing risk.
• Unrestricted access to the global markets.
• Access to one of the most efficient research teams globally.
• Alternative investment opportunities to maximize returns.
• Access to tailor made financial plans that are built around you.

Who Are Walter International

Walter International provides each of our individual and corporate clients with access to a team of financial experts with over a century of knowledge in the investment sector. Our rigorously trained team know that each investment is as unique as the investor behind the portfolio, which is why we work with you to meet your requirements. As a client we know that you have your own focus and goals in mind when investing, with that in mind we give you access to

•Experienced Portfolio Managers'
• Researchers and Analysts
• Client Service
• Compliance
• Operations and Settlements

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